Remove Duplicate Lines

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Remove Duplicate Lines




عن الموقع Remove Duplicate Lines

Online Duplicate Line Remover Tool is a free tool that automatically removes/deletes all the same line(s) from the text or string.

You instantly can remove or eliminate the undesired or abnormally inserted duplicate line(s) from your text, string, or supplied file.

That tool is World's Simplest Duplicate Text Deleter that finds the duplicate lines in your text and removes/deletes them from the text.


Why removing/deleting the duplicate line(s) is essential?


It happens to most people; when reading an article, or blog, you find the repeated lines or paragraphs that either occur due to the writer's mistake or the writer intentionally repeats the line or paragraph or repeats that stuff to support the point.

If you are repeating that line to support your point, that seems to be okay. But it should not be more than twice. Repeating the line(s) several times will negatively impact the reader, affecting your website's user behavior and experience. And it affects your bounce rate and SEO ranking.

Therefore, duplicating the lines create some adverse results like

  • It makes your text file lengthy and bulky, which eventually removes the user interest in your article or blog.
  • Duplication decreases the quality of the text. Text quality is essential to make your reader stay long. Duplication not only decreases the text quality but also makes your text smelly.
  • Suppose you write a line with errors. Duplication of that line in your text will result in low user engagement. And increase your bounce rate.

Therefore, you must remove the abnormally inserted same line(s) from your text.

If the file size is small, you can smoothly manually perform that task by yourself or your colleague's help. However, if the file size is large, it will no doubt takes time to perform such a task, and there may be a chance of human error that it is unable to complete the job as required and not altogether remove the same line(s) from the text.

Then it is better to take help from any online tool. You can use the free Online Duplicate Line Remover Tool.