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About Change Text Case

An Easy Way To Change Uppercase to Lowercase And Title Capitalization

Have you ever typed out a document, made a few capitalization mistakes and wished you won't have to waste much time editing? It happens a lot, and if you are using a typical word processing tool, you will have your mistakes autocorrected as you type, but those kinds of software only correct grammatical errors. If you have to capitalize on a whole portion, you will need to do it manually. And that takes time. However, with an online text transforming tool like ours, you can easily transform the case of your texts. All you have to do is copy and paste your text, then select the case you want to transform it to.

The Change Uppercase to Lowercase Tool is one of several SEO tools available on our site It is an online text Converter that can receive both upper cases and lower case letters as input and do a text transform on them into desired cases.

Case Converter Tool To Easily Transform Any Text

Finally, the Change Title Capitalization Converter Tool is one of the useful tools you freely have access to on The tool automatically changes case and ensures you do not lose any content you've expended time and energy creating. If there is any kind of “case error” in the text created, correcting the error is as simple as copying the text into the input area of the tool and engaging the right tool.

The Change Small Text Converter Tool performs letter case conversions more seamlessly compared to traditional word editors; whose autocorrect function sometimes miss out on some errors in a text.