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Diff Checker

To use Diff Checker,Paste text into the text boxes below and click on Compare.

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About Diff Checker

The diff checker helps you to check the difference between two different text files at one click.
It compares the text between two different files and highlights the unique content within seconds.

How to use Diff Checker?

To use this diffchecker, follow the below easy steps:

  1. Write or paste the content in the above input boxes.
  2. Or, upload files from the local device in different formats.
  3. Click the Check Diff button.

How does Difference Checker work?

The checker will compare the given files and highlights the unique text written in both files.

It compares the text line-by-line and checks the possible difference between the given documents.
If you enter the text in the checker to compare two files as:
The tool uses the latest technologies and finds every single piece of unique content as:
The checker will quickly highlight the different words, phrases, and sentences to prevent publishing plagiarized content.

You can also use our plagiarism checker to make sure you are submitting original and unique content.

Features of online Diff Checker

No Registration

Now, there is no need to complete the signup process to check the difference between your different text documents.

The online diff checker is completely free and requires no registration to find unique content.

Files Support

This feature provides an option to compare text files of different formats including TXT, PDF, DOC, and DOCX.

Highlights the Different Content 

If the checker finds any unique words, it highlights them and makes them bold with a orange color.
Finds the exactly matched content
The checker scans the given documents and doesn’t change the color of the exact match content.

Advantages of using Difference Checker

Some of the main benefits of using this checker are:

  • Helps webmasters to publish quality content by comparing and finding unique text.
  • Saves time on manually comparing the files for the same text.
  • Programmers can use this code difference checker to find uniqueness in different codes.
  • Instead of writing or pasting the content, it allows users to upload files in different formats.
  • Generates accurate text comparison reports within a fraction of seconds.