Roman Numerals Date Converter

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Roman Numerals Date Converter

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Di Roman Numerals Date Converter

Roman Numerals Date Converter

Roman numerals are an ancient Rome numerical system that remained common in the Late Middle Ages as the usual way of writing numbers across Europe. Combinations of letters from the Latin alphabet represent the numbers in this system. Seven symbols with a fixed integer value are used for contemporary use:

Long after the decay of the Roman Empire, the use of Roman numerals continued. Roman numerals started to be replaced by more convenience Arabic numerals in most contexts in the 14th century. This process was however progressive and in some minor applications the use of Roman numerals continues up to this day. Currently many people also use this tool to find birthday in roman numerals.

Date in roman numerals

One place you often see for dates in roman numerals is on the faces of the clock. In Big Ben and on other historical clocks of British Empire, for instance, the hours 1 to 12 are written in Roman numerals that were designed in 1852:














One interesting fact to be noted here is that IV and IX can be read as "one before five" (4) and "one before ten" (9). However, 4 is traditionally written IIII on most Roman numeral clock faces.

Other common uses include year numbers for monuments and buildings, and copyright dates on the film and TV title screens. MCM, meaning "a 1000", and a 100 less than another 1000”, means 1900, which is why 1912 is written as MCMXII. MM indicates 2000 for this century. So MMXIX is the present year.