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Line Counter

To use Line Counter, Paste test in the given textarea box below and this tool will show you how many lines are there in your text or word document.

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About Line Counter

Line Counter

Line counter is the tool every writer look for once in his life. Writing proposals always come with limited words, characters and lines. If you are an author or content writer, you must have faced this fact that client demands certain words in the article or book.

You can count lines manually if the manuscript is short, for example lines of one page are countable. But it’s certainly impossible to count lines of hundreds of pages. How can you count lines of these massive books?

Well, Prepostseo line counter is the simple solution. You do not need to spend hours for this hectic work. What you can do is, copy lines and paste it in the tool. As soon as you will paste the content, the result will be shown with several options including words, characters sentences, and lines.

Who can use Line counter?

The method of line counting is beneficial for developers to measure the size of codes. It is a standard way to analyze the amount of effort required by a developer to create a program. In addition, it is used to analyze the productivity of programming or maintenance once the software is made. As a blogger or writer you may be interested in telling the lines to achieve the goal of being informative and well written. This tool allows you to verify the number of available lines in the body of a web page. It facilitates the personal effort and the process of automatic counting in comparison with the hectic manual counting.

Why is the line counter used?

The line counter tool is used to verify the quality of the content. It is impressive to know the textual quantity of a page or written work. Although, sometimes, long articles or long informative blogs are very boring to read. But, an appropriate number of words and lines is vital and remarkable for the textual content.

Uses of line counter tool

It is valuable for developers to know the size and extent of the written code. When executing an application while testing, a developer must know the lines of code.

Similarly, it is helpful for those who are in the business of writing. The lines rich in quantity indicate informative and investigated work. To write a poem or an essay, we need to know the line counts in particular, either to add or remove the lines.

The limit of forty lines is the ideal written line of the poem. 67 Characters per line are the ideal limit for a novel. The shorter lines are easy to read. That is why it is ideal for a written novel that counts the line and makes it more readable.

The lines must have limited characters, so it affects the interest of the readers. The lines should not be too long to attract readers, for novels, prose, essays or articles. It is not necessary to download any application, software or install any extension. You can simply copy and paste directly into the Prepostseo line counter tool. The line counter will allow you to count lines and report on it. Without much effort, all you need is to simply copy and paste the content in the box