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What is the password?


Today, we are living in the era of the internet. Almost every person uses a smartphone or some other digital device that keeps them connected to the internet. So in that ear, every person knows the meaning of a password, its importance, and its usage.

In simple words, the password means a secret word or the phrase or string of characters that allow your admission to some device, system, or it can by any place.


Why we need the password?


The main motive behind the password is to keep our secrecy and prevent our system or place from any security threat.

During the account creation process on any internet forum or social media platform, you have to follow several steps. One step includes providing a strong password for your account. The main reason behind having a strong password is that no other person can use your account without your permission and prevent your account from any security threat.

It is totally up to you whether you want to share your password with any other person or not.

A few years back, when we created the password, the majority used simple words on standard information related to us, like our phone number, name, date of birth, our pet's name, etc. The primary purpose behind that practice was to keep our password simple and easy to remember.


Why we need a strong password?


No doubt, technological advancement brings easiness in our life. But at the same time, our privacy is of great concern. Today, our smartphones are our personal data houses. From our family images to our documents, to our office work, we use smartphones. Several companies introduce their mobile apps to use them on our smartphones for our daily work. We use several online applications where we upload our data. The apps take preventive measures as much as they can to keep our data secure.

But, what if there is some breach of security?

eBay reported that an attack exposed its entire account list of 145 million users in May 2014, including names, addresses, dates of birth, and encrypted passwords.

Therefore, it is advised to keep your system or device secure as much as you can. It is totally up to you whether you want to make the password strong and complicated. Having a strong password does not mean that your system or device is safe from any security threat. That is just one factor that prevents you from a security threat.