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About Text to Binary

About Text To Binary Conversion Online Tool.

At Sutools, our text to binary converter is your best option to get your English words converted to binary digits (binary numbers 0 and 1) that can be interpreted via electronic machines. When Translated, the text becomes a long string of numbers, due to the fact that its own 8-bits code (one byte) represents each letter. For instance, a single letter A is represented in binary as one byte 01000001.

Why We Use Text Converter to Get Binary Code?

In the computer coding system, binary code is basically used to represent text or instructions for a system to interpret. You need to interact with the electronic device using the language that it understands, and this is basically done with Text converter to provide binary code. There are quite a number of reasons you might require an English text to a binary translator. Binary code has been used for centuries and is commonly used in computers. When you need to convert text into a string of binary numbers consisting of 0 and 1, you need an efficient letter to number converter.

Save Time And Energy With Conversion of Text File To Binary File

When you need a quick functional machine to confirm that what will be the binary equivalent number of the ASCII text, it would be advisable to use an online letter to binary conversion tool. This is less challenging and can be done in a short time.

Converting English Text to Binary will allow you to send an encoded message which any random person wouldn’t have access to, thereby securing sensitive information from unauthorized access. The actual purpose of ASCII text is to use in electronic equipment which is a standard for character-sets

Our easy-to-use text converter enables you to convert letters to binary for free and without the constraints of unnecessary details or instructions. It is an online-based tool that does not require any special installation or expertise before it can be used. All that is required is that you give your text and it would get converted to binary codes in a matter of seconds.

How To Use Text To Binary Tool

  • Get started by visiting our tool’s web page at https://smallseotools.com/text-to-binary
  • Enter text in the box indicated or upload your text file.
  • Click on “Convert to Binary” button
  • That’s it! Your text immediately gets displayed in its binary form. Save to clipboard or download in a text file.


Our tool functions as a text to binary code generator where words are accurately translated to binary codes without mistakes. Doing this manually might result in errors that would affect the final outcome of the code. Thus, the best option would be using a reliable and efficient text file to binary file converter. Just the same way a binary to text decoder might be needed to decode what is the English text encrypted in binary code, our tool can reverse this function and encode plain text. You can try this out by trying to convert the letters of your name to numbers in binary. You are however not limited to one-word texts. You can equally paste a long English word of string and simply convert a complete text file to binary format. Try out our Text to Binary Converter today and get your tasks done with ease and accuracy.