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WordPress Theme Detector

Want to check which WordPress theme a website is using? Use our free WordPress theme detector tool to find out what WordPress theme your competitor's website is using.

“What WordPress theme is that?” It’s a question we hear a lot, and one we end up asking ourselves when we see a great website design.

If you want to find out which WordPress theme a site is using, then our WordPress Theme Detector is the tool you need. It automatically scans the source code of websites to find out exactly which WordPress theme they are using.

Because the way our WordPress theme detector works, it is 100% accurate because it’ll always show you the right theme name, every time. And best of all, it’s a completely free tool.

What WordPress Theme is That … and More

Our WordPress Theme Detector lets you know the name of the theme a WordPress site is using. If it’s a popular WordPress theme, then you’ll also see a handy link to download or buy it.